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Swaying Palm Trees at Sunset on Beautiful Saipan

Beautiful White Sand Beach on Saipan

Native in a Canoe in the Northern Mariana Islands of Micronesia

Beautiful Tourist on Saipan Beach in the Northern Marianas

Escape to Paradise on a Beautiful Tropical Beach on Saipan

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Retire in Paradise!!

Need an escape from the torrential demands of the everyday pressures of life? Why not take some time for yourself on one of the beautiful resort islands of the Marianas. Let the stress relieving aura of the islands permeate your soul as you come here and learn about the aspects of this paradise that we love so much.

Saipan Beaches

Saipan, the main island is famous for its stunning white sand beaches. One of the most popular beaches is Micro Beach, just in front of the Hyatt Resort where you can grab a chair and an umbrella, drink margaritas, rent surfboards and snorkle gear, and splash around in the crystal clear, warm waters of the lagoon.

World Class Diving

Saipan has some of the best scuba diving in the world due to the clarity of the water and the diversity of sea life. The Grotto, a collapsed underwater cave, is perhaps the most famous dive spot in the Pacific, but there are dive sites for divers of all skill levels around the island.

Saipan Real Estate

Come and live in an environment that is virtually fee of pollution and smog. In major cities across the world, stagnant weather conditions often can trap warm air and air pollutants that leads to smog episodes with significant health impacts. Refresh your heart and lungs by inhaling the refreshing tropical air of the Marianas.